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Tribute to my Sister Submitted by Naomi Newcomb

Danelle Thome Submitted by Alison Rivera

Helen Keller Submitted by Michele Irelan

Nanci- An Amazing Mom Submitted by Karen Murray

A Personal Heroine Submitted by Kathy Wilkins

Mrs. “B” Submitted by Jeni Hagen

Diana, Princess of Wales Submitted by Dolores A. Treadway

Vivian Leigh Submitted by Dolores A. Treadway

Meet Granny Submitted by Karal Ayn Barnett

Friends in the Midst of Grief Submitted by Dolores Treadway

Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts

Marilyn Miller - Missionary Submitted by Kristen Schafer

The Universe Awaits You


Catherine of Aragon Submitted by Patricia Gaitan

Susannah Winslow Submitted by Richard K. Hart


Jewel Plummer Cobb Submitted by W.Whyte  

Sarah Doyle Submitted by Kathleen McFadden  

Rosa Parks Submitted by Karen Gochnauer

Amelia Earhart Submitted by Laura Conrad

Marguerite Duras Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Alison McCartney Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Lady of Liberty Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Alice Paul Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Abigail Adams Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Gertrude Belle Elion Submitted by Irene Helen Zundel

An Amazing Mother Submitted by Donna Kauffman

The Forgotten Women of WWII Submitted by Laura Cox Conrad

Women in the military that deserve our admiration!

Martha Matilda Harper

Mary Astell

Miss Bessie Stevens Submitted by Mary Trotter Kion

Luise Muhlbach

Klara Mundt

A Tribute to Friends
Submitted by Marla Solorzano

Linda Sue McGrath

Heroines of Tennessee A Suffrage Roll of Honor

Amelia Jenks Bloomer Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Carrie Adell Strahorn Submitted by Helen K. Egloff

Martha and Mary

Nancy Hanks - NEA Chair Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Florence Sabin - Anatomist & Public Health Reformer

Ann Richards - Former Governor of Texas Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Carol Mutter - Marine Corps General

Elizabeth Coleman White Submitted by Kathleen McFadden

Cora Beach Submitted by Tom Taber

Mary Baker Eddy Submitted by Valerie Minard

Tocmentony (Sarah Winnemucca)  by Mary Trotter Kion

Raziya Sultana Submitted by Iffat  Mahmood

Contest Entries

A Church, A Barn, A Home - By Katherine Darlington

Who's Your Hero? - By Steve Goodier

Unfailing Love - By Paulette Ferland

Sylvia Estes Stark - By Mary M. Alward

Grandma Janice Barber - By Chris McQuade



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