Friends in the Midst of Grief 
by Dolores Treadway

     Just this past April my Father passed away and there were many who comforted me but there were friends and family who stood out amongst the crowd of people in the midst of the funeral home....these were two long-time friends who reached out in unconditional love that comes only from our Lord Jesus. Some of these special, compassionate friends were Lynne Parrish, Robin Treadway Biddle (also sister-in-law), Susan Parrish, Lisa Walker, Cathy Hughes and Cathy Tingen-Sexton. These long-time friends had always "been there" for so many of us friends in times of need. I praise God for the love and compassion which He poured into their hearts all of these years and I want to say "I love you all" to them and "thank you" for "being there" once again. Their sincere tears and warming hugs let me know that God is truly merciful!! In times of darkness God's light shines through rainbows of tears and smiles of dear friends and family.

Here is a poem I wrote for those friends and others who gave me hope and comfort:

God's Light

During the deepest darkeness
of grief and sorrow,
you came toward me
with love and compassion
through God's merciful Light....

I shall never forget the moment
you came to be with me
as I grieved over my father's death; 
for I know it was directed
by God's loving hands....

Your heart, full of God's grace,
touched mine
and gave me warmth and solace
in knowing that you cared
so very much for my father
and for me....

Thank you, dearest friend,
for the depth of your kindness
and concern;
God has blessed me over and over
through you
and at this moment His Love shined
pure as gold through you to me...