A Church, A Barn, A Home
By Katherine Darlington

On my mother-in-law's refrigerator are three magnets: a church, a barn, and a home. I realized as I looked at these magnets that they spoke for what my mother-in-law does. Peggy gives service to her church, whether she is working in the church nursery or sewing
endless costumes for church plays. She helps others through Habitat for Humanity, and she is always helping her family and friends.

Walking into Peggy's spare bedroom, I see piles of clothes waiting to be mended, and strips of cloth waiting to metamorphose into a costume for a church play. Every piece of clothing will make its way to someone, some way. Donated purses piled in boxes will be filled with combs, toothpaste, shampoo, and countless other items before Peggy donates these to a women's shelter. Whatever is passed along to Peggy will fit someone some way.

Peggy is remarkable for her unending spirit of keeping projects alive. When one project ends, five others begin. Her heart is behind every mission, whether she is feeding a work crew from Habitat for Humanity, or making sure every stuffed animal from the church nursery is clean.

When it comes to family and friends, Peggy is available to help them, too. It can be as simple as picking up someone's mail when they are away. If someone is sick, Peggy is there to help. A small or large deed, it does not matter. Peggy is available to help.

Peggy works one day a week at a base thrift shop, and purchases many useful items. Some things she has acquired include good quality clothing, skateboards, roller skates, puzzles, games, electric skillets, dishes, and books. While Peggy is frugal by choice, she is able to give
to others even more because of this.

Whenever I walk into her spare bedroom, I inwardly smile because I see boxes of clothes waiting for recipients. I know the sack full of my children's outgrown clothes or the armful of stuffed animals passed on to Peggy will serve a useful purpose. Nothing goes to waste...Peggy finds a home for each item.

Of course, these are only things that I have observed. I think there are other things Peggy does that I do not know about - and perhaps never will. It would not surprise me to discover the many other things Peggy does to help others that I will never know.

Remarkable women made a mark in history, and women continue to do so today. Peggy is a woman who makes a difference in our community by showing her compassion for others through the work she does serving others.


A stay-at-home mom, Katherine Darlington has been writing stories
and poetry for many years. Publications include stories at
TALESetc.com, Bay Forest Publishing, Lines in the Sand, Kota Press,
and poetry in major anthologies. A story and article has been accepted
for publication with Ink Burns and the Spinning Straw. Katherine
finished her first novel and is working on her second. A licensed
massage therapist, Katherine lives in southern Arizona with her
husband and two children.