An Amazing Mom 
By Karen Murray

     I am writing to tell you of a very special woman in my life. I met her when I was a social worker, and she was ( and continues to be) a foster mother. From the day I met Nanci I have always been amazed at her patience and her love and acceptance of all the children in her life. Not only her own children by birth, but of all those who have come into her home...for one night or hundreds of nights. She has been a foster mom for more than half her life. And she provides every child that has come into her home unconditional love, no matter what. Sometimes she has had to deal with irrational parents, or parents that continually disappoint their children by not showing up for visits. But she never takes this frustration out on the kids. To her, the kids are just there to love. I met Nanci when I was single. And she became my mentor in motherhood. I started dating my current husband and talked with Nanci about him, and about our dreams for the future. All the while I was watching her with the many children in her life, and learning from her about how to put kids first and make them feel loved and important.My most yearned for dream in my life since I was a child was being able to be a mom. I have 3 children of my own now, and as always, I look to Nanci for guidance because she is the best mother I know. I thank God for her presence in my life...she keeps me sane when I need a smile or to laugh at my own mistakes, and helps me to realize that my kids are resiliant and life will go on even if I make a mistake in my parenting decisions. She is the best friend and the best example of a great mother that anyone could have.