Mrs. “B” 
by Jeni Hagen
Batavia, NY

     Mrs. Suzanne Borawski is an 8th grade Social Studies teacher at the Batavia Middle School. I had her this year and she was an inspiration to me. She really helped make my 8th grade year a good year.

     Mrs. “B” is a great teacher. She is very nice and she really gets “into” what she teaches. She has props that she brings to class and gets us involved by holding special days where we all dress up as people from different time periods. 

     Teaching isn’t her only gift. Mrs. “B” was a great volunteer. She went beyond her call of duty as a teacher and you could always find her helping with special projects at the school. For example, she spent almost half the year helping us all prepare for the 8th Grade Dance. She did a lot of work. She coordinated the whole thing and even stayed until late in the night to decorate the gym.

     You can really tell that Mrs. “B” cares about the kids in her class. She’s real easy to talk to and she always makes each one of us feel special. There’s never been a better teacher, that helps us learn and have fun at the same time.