The Universe Awaits You

     The harmony of the universe is a monument, a commemorative volume which celebrates the star filled heavens in conjunction with a panoply of women's faces, hearts and minds.

     The world, as we know it, owes thanks to these women. Women like Dorothea Dix, Margaret Fuller, Julia Ward Howe, Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony.

     They have given us hope for the future and a strength of purpose built upon the past. Their courage, patience and perseverance are an inspiration to us all.

     As our sisters before us, valiant women who faced challenges everyday. We must overcome prejudice, discrimination, and deeply entrenched convictions about our intellectual inferiority.

     So, do not let anyone undermine your freedom, your accomplishments, your spirit. They were not easily attained.

     Free yourself from the ties that bind. For you see my sisters, the universe awaits you!

Willis-Whyte ©1998