Heroines of Tennessee A Suffrage Roll of Honor


     Member of the Memphis Equal Suffrage Society in the early 1900s. President of Tennessee Equal Suffrage Association from 1906 to 1912. Active in the National American Woman Suffrage Association. An eloquent orator, she organized rallies, issued press releases, and led a successful campaign for admisstion of women to the Memphis Law School



     A young newspaper reporter of suffragist sympathies who covered the 1920 ratification story for Knoxville Sentinel. Since her father was a good friend of Governor Roberts, she had access to him and was able to serve, when needed, as a conduit of information between the suffragists and the governor.



     One of Tennessee's most influential suffragists, she founded the Nashville Equal Suffrage League in 1911, was president of the Tennessee Equal Suffrage League in 1915, vice president of the National Woman Suffrage Association in 1917, and an indispensable campaigner for the 36th ratification of the suffrage amendment in Nashville in 1920. Her beauty, charm, and eloquence made her the living refutation of the "she-male" label often given to suffragists by opponents of woman suffrage.
These mini-profiles were taken from the book "The Perfect 36 - Tennessee Delivers Woman Suffrage" by Carol Lynn Yellin & Janann Sherman