Sarah Doyle
by W.Whyte


Your strength, vitality and determination 
was well known to all.
You passed the torch.

A visionary, outspoken, 
direct and to the point, 
your dreams became a reality.
You passed the torch.

Recognizing that social reform lay 
outside of the world of men, you dedicated 
your life to developing educational 
opportunities for women.
You passed the torch.
Instrumental in founding the forerunner of an 
international network of women's organizations 
dedicated to social reform.
You passed the torch.

Opening the doors to higher education 
for women at Brown University,
was only a stepping stone.
You passed the torch.

You raised the money, you formulated 
the curriculum, you presided over the 
dedication of Pembroke College.
You passed the torch.

And as if that weren't enough, 
you went on to help establish the 
Rhode Island School of Design.
You passed the torch.

A teacher, a mentor and a friend, 
your students idolized you for your devotion to them.
As a testimony, they established the 
Sarah Doyle Scholarship 
For Women at Brown University,
proving without a doubt that you had indeed
Passed the torch!

Sarah Doyle 
     Doyle dedicated herself to broadening horizons for Rhode Island women during the last half of the 19th century. She was a prominent advocate of women's suffrage and a key figure in the opening of the doors of Brown University to women. She spearheaded the movement to raise the money to erect Pembroke College for women and later became one of the founders of the Rhode Island School of Design.