"A magazine highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history and recognizing the obstacles they have had to overcome in order to reach their goals"
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Abigail - The Peacemaker

Sarah Adams - Hymn Writer

Gladys Aylward - Missionary to China

Mary Beaufort - Mother of King Henry VII of England

Blandina - Slave Girl of Lyons

Catherine Booth 1829 - 1890 by Toni Gonzales

Catherine of Siena - Saintly woman from Italy

Amy Carmichael Founder of Dohnavur Fellowship

Fanny Crosby By Anne Adams

Deborah  By John and Patti Chadwick

Lois Dodds Ministry to Missionaries

Dorcas The Queen of the Needle

Katharine Marie Drexel - Missionary to Native Americans

Emeline Dryer Christian Educator and Administrator

Elizabeth of Hungary By Saintly Princess

Madame Guyon - Mystic

Hannah B.C. 1116?

Selina Hastings Countess of Huntingdon Patroness of Revival

Laure Smith Haviland - Wesleyan Pioneer

Pauline Hord - Woman of Prayer

Anne Hutchinson - Advocate for Religious Freedom

Ann Judson - Missionary to the Far East

Jackie Hamill and Juliet - Philippines

Lydia A.D. 53 The First Christian Convert in Europe

Mary Magdalene  Faithful Friend

Mary - Mother of Jesus

Martha and Mary The Bethany Sisters

Aimee Semple McPherson well-known woman evangelist

Henrietta Mears By Cherie Miller

Lottie Moon    Missionary to China * New *

Phoebe Deaconess of Cenchrea Priscilla The Missionary Tentmaker A.D. 54

Rahab - The Scarlet Woman of Christmas

Pandita Rambai - Bible Translator & Defender of Child Widows

Ruth - The Foreign Woman

Eliza Shirley - Pioneer for the Salvation Army in America

Mary Slessor - Missionary to cannibals

Susannah Spurgeon 1832 - 1892

Tamar The Forgotten Woman of Christmas

Mother Teresa  - Compassionate Servant of God

Susanna Wesley - Mother of Methodism

Women and the Cross

Sabina Wurbrand - The Voice of the Martyrs




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