Jackie Hamill and Juliet
Philippines - 1992

The service was over. Jackie Hamill, a young Austalian prison evangelist, was excited about what God was doing. She had felt the love of Jesus reach out to these inmates. Jackie and fourteen members of her church had traveled to the Philippines to minister in a military prison there. They were concerned for the lost souls of the inmates, many of whom were Communist guerrillas in prison for murder.

Suddenly, the quiet was broken by the sounds of fighting and gunshots. The inmates were rioting and had overpowered the guards, seizing their guns and ammunition to make an escape.

The evangelists were taken hostage and held for three days. Druing this time, Jackie and one other girl were raped repeatedly. But even in the moments when she suffered the greatest shame, Jackie prayed for her captors and spoke to them about God's love. Her face did not show panic, revulsion, or hatred, but glowed with the brightness of God's light. During her imprisonment, she led the team in singing God's praises and presented the Gospel to her captors. One of the rioting inmates threw down his gun and received Jesus as his Savior.

On the third day, there was a shoot-out between the prisoners and soldiers who came to stop the riot. Jackie and Juliet, 16-years-old, were shot. Even as Jackie lay dying, she raised her hands to God, praying for the rioting inmates and for the soldiers. She died while
singing to God.

Jackie had seen a vision of her impending martyrdom which she had shared with friends. She knew what could happen. So why did she expose herself and others to such danger? She went to the extreme in her love for Christ.


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