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"A magazine highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history and recognizing the obstacles they have had to overcome in order to reach their goals"
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Abigail Adams First Lady & Patriot

Louisa Johnson Adams  Wife of John Quincy Adams

Aspasia First Woman of Athens

Antoinette Brown Blackwell  First Ordained Woman Minister in America

Elizabeth Blackwell  First Female Physician in the U.S.  

Margaret Brent   First Woman to Request the Vote

Barbara Bush  First Lady and Mother of George W. Bush

Laura Welch Bush  First Lady

Catharine of Aragon  First Wife of Henry VIII A.D. 1485-1536

Frances Folsom Cleveland  Wife of President Grover Cleveland 

Marie Sklodowska Curie Polish-Born Chemist & Physicist

Amelia Earhart  The First Woman to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic

Mamie Eisenhower  Military Wife and First Lady

Abigail Powers Fillmore  The Literary First Lady

Cornelia Fort - First Woman to Die in Active Military Duty

Lucretia Garfield - Five Month First Lady

Julia Dent Grant  The General's Lady

Lucy Webb Hayes  Legendary First Lady  

Caroline Harrison  First Lady and Domestic Activist  

Anna Symmes Harrison  Wife of President William Harrison

Lou Henry Hoover   Wife of Henry Hoover 

Vinnie Ream Hoxie  Sculptor  

Rachel Jackson  The General's Lady

Claudia Johnson  The First Lady Called "Lady Bird"

Eliza McCardle Johnson   First Lady From Tennessee

Harriet Lane  First Lady to a Batchelor President 

Henrietta Larson  (1894-1983)

Mary Todd Lincoln The Emancipator's Lady 

Belva A. Lockwood  First Woman Admitted to Bar of U.S. Supreme Court 1830 - 1917

Ada Byron Lovelace  The First Computer Programmer 1815 - 1852

Mary Lyon Noted Educator of Women

Dolley Madison  American Icon

Wilma ManKiller  First Woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation

Mileva Maric  Mother of the Theory of Relativity

Ida Saxton McKinley  Invalid of the White House

Maria Mitchell  Pioneer Scientist  

Elizabeth Monroe  Elegance in the White House

Jane Appleton Pierce Shadow of the White House

Sarah Polk   

Edith Carow Roosevelt Calm Among the Storm

Eleanor Roosevelt Calm Among the Turmoil

Maria Stewart   First African American Woman Political Writer

Valentina Tereshkova  The First Woman in Space  

Bess Truman  "The Boss"

Letitia Christian Tyler The Invisible First Lady

Julia Gardner Tyler  The Rode of Long Island

Madam C.J. Walker  First African-American Female Millionaire

Martha Washington  A.D. 1731-1802 The “First” First Lady

Emma Hart Willard  1787 – 1870

Edith Wilson  Wife for a Crisis


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