We welcome writers to submit articles to History's Women for publication. While History's Women is run as a gift of love to all our readers, we would like to offer some advertising or financial compensation for materials submitted. If you own a website, we offer, in exchange for your article, a link to your site as well as a detailed author's bio at the end of each article. If your article is published in our newsletter, you will get the advertising benefit of reaching 8,000 subscribers. For writers without a website, or if you would rather have the money instead of the advertising, we can pay you an honorarium of $10 for each article. The ideal length for articles is between 400 and 1200 words, but we can work with different lengths.

     At History's Women, we look at history from a Christian worldview. We are looking for articles highlighting the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history which have made life better for their families and the societies in which they lived. We encourage you to become familiar with our site for further insights into the kind of material we are looking for.

     Interviews or features about women who are making a difference in their world today are also welcomed and probably the most sought after.

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